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Sound & Lighting: PAT Testing for musicians

It’s that season again when you start to go out gigging but wait…the venue wants an up-to-date PAT test certificate! Ok, well yes, we are here to help as we’ve been asked how to test an amplifier or pat test speakers. We can do it; however, any good PAT tester will tell you that any engineer can only really test it as it’s presented. An engineer should consider the environment the audio equipment is located. PAT testing DJ Equipment and PAT testing bands normally are in their homes or studios where its only being used for practice. The real risk is when you’ve thrown it all in the back of your van set up at the venue, trailed one 50 meter extension lead to the other end of the room where only one socket works, gig, then throw it even quicker (depending on how the gig went) in the back of the van and shove it back into the house at 3am trying desperately not to make any noise. So yes, have it tested regularly, but best practice is to inspect your equipment yourself after each gig. That way you’ll pick up on any damage that may happen between tests.
If you have any high-level lighting please do give us a call to discuss your requirements such as theatres and stages.

Frequently Asked Questions –

What should be tested?

Audio equipment, lighting and musical instruments that use power would all benefit for a regular PAT regime.

How long does it take?

Around 20 items per hour, depending on minor repairs or length of flex.
Sometimes more if its all laid out for us.

How much does it cost?

Most DJ's and Band equipment will come under 30 items

  • Standard rate for the first 30 items
  • A per item rate thereafter

Or we can offer a per engineer per day rate or half day rate if you prefer.

How often does PAT testing need to be done?

The PAT testing frequency varies on several factors, such as type of equipment, the environment, how it’s used and by who.
Otherwise, we find most of our customers opt for the 12 monthly inspection and test.

Why do you need PAT testing?

This is an area for your risk assessment, whilst there is no PAT testing regulation, there is The Electricity at Work Regulations that requires employers, including self-employed, ensure that all electrical equipment that is provided in their business is safe and properly maintained.
You will probably also find that the venue will also dictate this to you and require proof of testing (we send everything out in pdf so you can too)

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