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Office: PAT Testing Offices and Low Risk environments

PAT testing office equipment or Low risk environments like offices are sometimes daunting for customers with a considerable number of workstations. We aim to have a minimum amount of disruption to your workforce as we understand downtime can be costly. We recommend working closely with your I.T department to ensure data is backed up and workstations are powered down correctly.
Office equipment such as IEC leads are tested separately and will have their own result, PCs, printers, laptop chargers, photo copiers, kettle leads, servers, network switches and APC battery backups can all be tested safely with our market leading test equipment from Seaward.

Frequently Asked Questions –

How long does it take?

A small office of four or five workstations could be completed within a morning, roughly 4 hours. Larger offices with roughly 20 workstations or 150 (ish) items could take a day, roughly 7.5 hrs.
Call Centres and office blocks would need a site visit to estimate this, on average our skilled engineers could test between 150 -200 items per day (this can fluctuate due to accessibility). Anything above 300 is not within our remit as quality of testing and data recording suffers.

How much does it cost?

We offer 2 price structurers:

  • per item rate, or
  • per engineer per day rate.

A per item rate is normally better for those small offices with fewer quantities as work can be completed within a day. The day rate would suit Call Centres that could run into the thousands of items. However, we can quote for both and let you decide.

Do we PAT test the offices every year?

Working with your risk assessment, we would advise that offices are Low Risk environments that don’t necessarily need testing yearly. There are other factors to consider before making this decision on the PAT testing frequency, such as;

  • The environment (suitability, where and how its being used)
  • The person using it (staff, general public, satellite workers etc)
  • The amount of usage (every-day, occasional hardly ever etc)
  • The construction (class I or class II)
  • Previous test results (including the other equipment in the area)

What about Laptops and power supplies?

In our experience, yes consider doing them yearly. The chargers and flexes are the most common to become damaged. We also advise that your employees should notify you immediately if they do become damaged as an employee also has a duty of care under Section 7 of the Health & Safety at Works Act –

  • to take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and others affected by their acts or omissions;
  • to co-operate with the employer and others to enable them to fulfil their legal obligations
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