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Industry: Factories & Workshops

PAT-iT has a wealth of knowledge testing appliances in various industrial environments such as, factories, workshops, garages, power generation plants, cathodic protection, electrical contractors, quarries, recycling plants, construction sites, laboratories, industrial kitchens, funeral directors and even morgues.
With some harsher environments like fabrication workshops that contain welding equipment, we test in accordance to IEC60974-4.2016 where welding equipment has a specific procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions -

Can you test 3 Phase Equipment?

Yes, 3 Phase equipment will be tested a similar way to a standard Class I appliance. For example,

  • Visual Inspection,
  • Protective Conductor Resistance,
  • Insulation Resistance

Please Note – No "Functional Test" will be carried out by our engineers. However, as qualified as we can be, we can not be expected to know how every piece of equipment works. Therefore, it would be unsafe for us to do this. Questions will be asked to the operatives of the machinery to ensure that the equipment is working correctly.

Do you test 110v equipment?

Yes, we can PAT test 110v tools. We PAT test nearly every type of 110 volt equipment. PAT-iT tests 110v transformers (step down and step up).

How long does it take to PAT test site equipment?

This normally takes a little more time than standard office equipment as the length of cable is normally much longer. Because we are thorough engineers, we will check every meter of the flex from plug to appliance.

How often should 100v tools be PAT tested?

Depending on your Risk Assessment and guidance from the Code of Practice for In-service Inspection & Testing of Electrical Equipment or your Policy, this varies dramatically from business to business. Most construction sites opt for 3 monthly combined inspection & test. Depending on the environment, equipment and user, a risk-based approach should be used.

How much does it cost?

We offer 2 price structurers:

  • per item rate, or
  • per engineer per day rate.

A per item rate is normally better for those small workshops with fewer items as work can be completed within a day.
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