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Corporate: Portable Appliance Testing for Indoor and Outdoor Events

Indoor and outdoor events all require a degree of safety. Trailing leads are very susceptible to damage or become a trip hazard. Electrical equipment used by outside catering poses a higher risk due to uneven floors (topple hazards), trailing leads (trip hazards), cuts/abrasions in power cords (electric shock hazard) even moisture from wet grass (ingress into live equipment hazard) the list goes on.
Having a good Risk Assessment would highlight these areas, PAT-iT can help with your equipment safety testing and highlight any equipment that requires attention (preferably before the event!).

PAT-iT have worked in many environments such as business networking to horse trials, trade shows and exhibitions.

Frequently Asked Questions –

What should be tested?

Everything that your Risk Assessment sees necessary. Outdoor equipment would need closer attention due to the environment and changeable weather.

How long does PAT testing take?

Around 15 to 20 items per hour, depending on minor repairs or length of flex.
Sometimes more if it’s all laid out and ready for us.

How much does PAT testing cost?

We can offer 2 rates as events can vary greatly in the volume of electrical equipment.

  • Standard rate for the first 30 items & per item rate thereafter
  • per engineer per day rate or half day rate if you prefer.

How often does PAT testing need to be done?

The PAT testing frequency varies on several factors, such as type of equipment, the environment, how it’s used and by who. This is a Risk based approach and should be considered carefully.
Otherwise, its worth asking us to assess it with you before the event.

Why do you need PAT testing?

This is an area for your risk assessment, whilst there is no PAT testing regulation, The Electricity at Work Regulations requires that employers, including self-employed, ensure that all electrical equipment that is provided in their business is safe and properly maintained.
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