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PATs blog

Journey of a PAT Test Engineer

About Lee's background

How I started as a PAT Test Engineer - 1st Jan 2021

Well, my background is in Engineering, in a (well known to Grantham) business called Grantham Electrical Engineering Company (GEECO for short) where I completed an Apprenticeship in 1994. Moved into and up the ranks to other companies in Grantham & Boston finally becoming a Sales Executive in 2008...Just when the recession was in full swing! Finding myself out of work in 2009 for the very first time, within 3 months I retrained myself in NEBOSH and PAT testing and started testing odd jobs from October and officially starting my business in Jan 2010. And this is where it all started!

So... How is PAT testing?

My business plan went into action!

Well, Starting any business in the middle of a recession was going to be a challenge, especially when nobody had ever heard of you and "isn't PAT testing an Electricians job?" was a regular phrase. Well a lot and I mean a lot of leg work, emails and networking paid off. Starting with a hand full of customers I started to build on the client base. My first year I was amazed to make any money let alone a wage!. I continued on where the client base grew organically networking slowed down, children arrived in our family; and the thirst to achieve and be a better provider to my family became the normal. I had a 5 year business plan and by 2014 I achieved what I wanted, help. 

With the help of our local Job Center I offered work experience to people struggling to get back into work, I wanted to give back, I wanted to help in any way I could and this way they learnt about Electrical Safety, business to business operation, customer service and something to put on their CV with a reference from me. In 2015 I took on my first employee off the back of work experience. She was a University Graduate in Physics, I trained her up to my standards & values and she hit the ground running. A valuable asset to the business especially where we had work in places where vulnerable women were taking residence.

And now? Whats happening in 2021?

Interesting business times ahead... 2020 I wanted to see growth in our little firm and had some mentoring with some real eye openers & nuggets of information I never realised.  A new plan was put into place, little did I expect what was about to happen.

The plan involved taking the business to a more professional stance by going Limited, VAT registered, professional accounting software, new bank accounts & updating PC's - to start. This goal was achieved by April 2021! and since then our feet haven't touched the ground. We now have 5 PAT Engineers (including myself) all working for PAT-iT Ltd. I believe part of the shear amount of work that we have is down to the return to work after the devastation of 2020 but also our customer care. We see many firms brag about their 5 start reviews on Trust Pilot or Google reviews, rightly or wrongly I've never really pushed for reviews but concentrate on the customer retention, if you're satisfied with our work, 9 out of 10 times you will return to us. - business is good.

Now we're nearing the end of the year, our experience and skill has grown also. We're now confident in testing to BS7909 Temporary Electrical Systems which (for anybody in the events industry will know) relates to equipment used in events or concerts, electrical equipment like mixing desks, amps Socapex, PowerCON, True1 leads, distribution boxes and LCD video walls to name a few we can test.

On top of this, Lee was recognised by the Institute of Engineering & Technology and awarded him with the post-nominal title TMIET (Technical Member of the IET). Became a member of the FSB AND a Member of the British Standards Institute (BSI).

Just wait and see where we're taking PAT-iT Ltd next... we're not just PAT testers with 1 City & Guild certificate, we are Electrical Equipment Condition Reporting Specialists with the knowledge and accreditations far superior to others.

Well 2022, thank you. Long may 2023 be as good!

Talk about a rollercoaster ride... well we got through to the other side of lock-down safely, then when businesses started to return back to work, leaving the "new normal" back to the old normal we found business took off. We're so grateful for the amount of new customers that joined our likeminded business. When I say like minded business, I mean that they truly care for the safety of there employees, customers, contractors etc, trusting us to ensure their electrical requirements are met. Not every business understands what responsibilities they have under the Electricity at Works Regulations or even the Health & Safety at Works Act (plus many more we could go into). 

Earlier this year, Seaward (the market leading manufacturers of the very test equipment we use) approached Lee. Very humbled by this, Lee is now one of there trainers in PAT testing including product training! He covers the Northern part of the UK whilst Richard Slade covers the South.

But the best is still to come...

PAT-iT Ltd were nominated for a British Standard Award, we accepted the invitation to network with BSI in Park Plaza London. Many influential and incredible people there with many years of experience & expertise, the afternoon saw the awards but incredibly PAT-iT Ltd won the category British Standards use of Safety Standards! the first PAT testing Firm to ever win!  

We won for using at lease 4 standards BS50699 Recurrent Testing, BS50678 Testing after repair, BS5266 Code of Practice for Emergency Lighting and BS5499 safety Signage.

A true achievement for all our employees, something to be very proud of. What is round the corner for the next big thing??? well, all good things come to those that work hard to achieve good things... watch this space.

Need to know more?

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